TN70 Floor Scrubbing Robot


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Cleaning width: 510mm
Pad/brush pressure: 27kg
Fresh water tank volume: 65L 
No Water filtration/circulation
Cleaning efficiency (maximum): 2,040m2/hr
Maximum slope: 6%


Battery life: 4 hours
Charging: Australian sourced batteries (12-month warranty) & Australian sourced charger (24-month warranty) into standard 240v GPO

Smart System

Navigation scheme: Vision + Laser
Sensor solution: Panoramic monocular camera/Lidar/3D depth camera /ultrasonic radar/IMU/electronic bumper

Success Factors

  • Separate clean and waste water tanks
  • Uses advanced AI and SLAM (simultaneous localisation and mapping) for navigation and not teach and repeat
  • 4-year commercial budget < cost of 1 hour of daily human labour(7d/week)
  • Productivity rates >2,000m2/hr
  • Intuitive user experience, does not require technical knowledge to deploy and use
  • >25kg down pressure from the cleaning head to the floor surface
  • Multiple levels of sensors for obstacle detection (LiDAR, camera, sonar)
  • Turning circle <1.8m
  • Easy to use in manual cleaning mode
  • Maintenance focussed manufacturing design (OEM manufactures all key components)
  • Battery supplier agnostic and option to use locally sourced batteries (lithium or AGM gel)