I-MOP Floor Scrubber

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Cleans faster, lowers cleaning costs

The i-mop cleans up to 70% faster than traditional mopping and up to 30% faster than traditional auto scrubbers. The i-mop can get right to the edge and under obstacles, virtually eliminating all manual mopping that is normally required to get to areas where your floor scrubbing machine cannot.

Better cleaning results

Standard floor mopping methods have an average dirt removal rating of only 30-40%. The unique design and scrubbing power of the i-mop cleans your floor with a dirt removal rating of over 97%.

Reduce slip and fall hazards

We all know traditional mopping methods don’t really clean, but rather push around dirty water leaving the floor slippery while it dries. These wet floors pose a significant safety risk while they are drying. The i-mop scrubs the floor clean then leaves it dry within seconds.

Doing your part for our environment

The i-mop cleans your floor with 9L of water per hour compared to a traditional scrubber dryer of 35L per hour. That’s a water usage reduction of 75%, made possible with the i-mops high speed (350 rpm vs 180 rpm on conventional scrubbers) and specialised brushes designed to retain the water within the bristles. Also, each i-mop contributes 18L of water per day to the Made Blue foundation.

Happier cleaning staff

No need to exhaust yourself with manual cleaning methods to get your floors and grout lines clean. For cleaning staff, the i-mop turns the drudgery of floor cleaning into an empowering experience and is so easy to use it can be operated with one hand. The i-mop is also better for building management teams with the time saved being able to be reallocated to other tasks or saved. And visitors and tenants in buildings cleaned with the i-mop experience a cleaner, healthier environment.